Eat well, drink well, we are calling - to you all
To have a good gath'ring.
Share our song of belonging,
On our hearth here, hwyl’s our thing
Wyn Owens

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Our shares campaign continues

Our initial share offer was successful in raising the capital needed to buy Tafarn Sinc. We iset a target of having 1876 shares - that number chosen to commemorate the year the Precelly Hotel (now Tafarn Sinc) was built.   The campaign caught the imagination & has even attracted investors from all over the world.  We are continuing with our shares campaign  so as to widen the community ownership and provide further capital for upgrading work.
We invite you to become part of this successful and unique community project.   

If you wish to purchase shares, please email and we can provide details of the application procedure.

Tafarn Sinc looks upon itself as the cultural centre of an extended area – y fro (neighbourhood) – reaching well beyond the bounds of Rosebush and Maenclochog and encompassing villages on both sides of the mountain ridge including Brynberian and Eglwyswrw, Crymych and Pentregalar, as well as numerous others – Bro Preseli.

To that end we invite local talent as well as nationally recognised artists to perform.

On the occasion of Hen Galan on January 13 the traditional dance group Heb Enw were invited to introduce the Mari Lwyd (the Grey Mare) into our midst. Hopefully she will make an annual appearance.

What is unusual is the number of artists who have asked if they can perform on the sawdust floor such is their zeal for what we are trying to achieve in the name of the community.

The robust folk singer, Gwilym Bowen Rhys, came all the way from Gwynedd to entertain us. Gwŷr y Stac travelled from Cwmafan whilst Alan Burke, the Irish musician, called by to hold an impromptu evening.

Of the local entertainers, the comedian and country singer, Clive Edwards put a smile on our faces and further performances are expected by local girl, Nia Lloyd, who is one of the large pool of waiters and whose home is less than a mile from the pub. On the basis of her initial performance her rendition of ‘Hallelujah’ (Leonard Cohen) gained a remarkable response on the facebook page.

And we must not forget the phenomenal Welsh Whisperer who made sure ‘everyone was baling hay’. Also Alejandro Jones from Patagonia.
We were honoured by the presence of Dafydd Iwan to celebrate St David’s Day. Tecwyn Ifan returned to the fro and sang many of the songs inspired by local luminaries such as Twm Carnabwth, Dil Hafod-ddu, Wil Cannan and, of course, Waldo Williams.

It was apt on the occasion of the performances by Dafydd and Tecwyn that a life-size cut-out of Waldo stood behind them as all three were kindred soulmates.

A Heritage Group has also been formed which has met at the pub and frequently on location studying the early historic remains of the area. 
The intention is to develop and build on the varied events so that Tafarn Sinc becomes an entertainment venue of note.

To that end we benefited from the guidance of the 'cultural guru', Euros Lewis, to set us on our way on how to reflect the natural 'culture' of the fro as he explained that 'diwylliant' is different to 'culture'.






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